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Advanced Topics in PSpice

The "Advanced Topics in PSpice" class is a two-day course that focuses on design analysis-related issues of concern to the advanced user.

Who Should Attend?
»        Engineers seeking maximum productivity in minimum time
»        Analog Designers
»        Electrical Engineers

»        You must be familiar with creating a schematic using OrCAD Capture
»       You must also be proficient with using Windows and standard Windows applications

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1. Operational Amplifiers

1.1 Definition of Slew Rate, Open Loop Response, Saturation, Voltage Offset parameters

1.2 Extraction of the OpAmp parameters from manufacturer datasheets

1.3 OpAmp model creation with Model Editor

1.4 Addition of usually un-modelled practical effects like:

Offset Voltage

Noise: Flicker Noise, Random Noise

New Noise source in PSpice 16.6

1.5 Discussion regarding Nominal Temperature modification and changing the Relational Temperature parameters of particular components in the circuit

2. Voltage Reference components

2.1 Voltage Reference model creation with Model Editor

2.2 Addition of the external noise to the model

3. Model creation by measurements

3.1 Demo of model definition based on measurements results

4. ABM components

4.1 E and G Independent sources


4.3 "IF" function

4.4 Demo of ABM usage: GPSK oscillator, Varistor, Non-Linear resistor, Voltage Controlled and Temperature Dependent Resistor

5. Magnetics

5.1 Simple Transformer Model

5.2 Complex Transformer Model and introducing of its parameters

5.3 Demo of model creation and the impact of various parameters on BH curve

6. Transmission lines

6.1 Different types of transmission lines

6.2 Parameters of transmission line

6.3 Lossless and Loosy transmission lines

7. Convergence

7.1 Introduction of different Options parameters

7.2 Transient, Frequency domain and DC Sweep simulation

7.3 Relative and absolute accuracy of Voltages, Currents and Charges

7.4 New simulation parameters in PSpice 16.6

7.5 Different integration gears; their advantages and disadvantages

7.6 Tips and Trick to speed up the simulation time

7.7 Convergence problems solution

8. Monte Carlo Analysis

8.1 Monte Carlo Analysis introduction. Definition of DEV and LOT parameters

8.2 Various Monte Carlo parameters

8.3 Statistical presentation of the simulation results

8.4 Distribution modification and "private" distribution creation

8.5 Addition of random noise sources
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