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Allegro Sigrity PowerDC
Ensure Reliable PCB and/or Package Power Delivery Networks with Allegro Sigrity PowerDC Electrical-Thermal Co-Simulation Unique Technology
Sigrity PowerDC technology provides comprehensive DC analysis for today`s low-voltage, high-current PCB and IC package designs. It is available with integrated thermal analysis to enable electrical and thermal co-simulation. Using PowerDC, you can assess critical end-to-end voltage margins for every device to ensure reliable power delivery. PowerDC quickly identifies areas of excess current density and thermal hotspots to reduce risk of field failure.
This workshop illustrate how analysis of the problem can lead to a more robust power system, allowing you to get to market faster and have confidence in your PCB design.
During this lab-intensive workshop, you’ll learn how to:

» Pinpointing IR drop and voltage distribution issues
» Automatically identifying preferred voltage regulator module (VRM) sense line locations
» Locating current hot spots that can lead to reliability problems
» Identifying difficult to locate highly resistive routing neck-downs and finding the one via among thousands that will fail under stress
» Co-simulating electrical and thermal performance to identify interrelated voltage and temperature impacts
» Determining if it is possible to reduce plane layers without adding DC or thermal reliability risk
» Assessing multi-structure designs PCB and package designs with along with chip level information
» Considering what-if improvement options with interactive geometry editing
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Who should attend:

» Signal integrity specialists
» Design engineers
» Engineering managers
» Project managers




IR drop analysis

Current density and animation

DC Sign-off reports
Electrical and Thermal constraints
Electrical - Thermal co-simulation 

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