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Power and signal integrity issues—major challenges for today’s high-tech companies
High-tech companies developing complex chips, packages, and boards grapple with power and signal integrity (SI) issues arising from rapid increases in IC speed and data transmission rates combined with decreases in power-supply voltages and denser, smaller geometries. At the same time, higher I/O counts, multiple stacked chips and packages, and greater electrical performance constraints are making the physical designs for IC packages more complex. To address these issues, you need advanced power integrity (PI) and power-aware SI tools. This level of technology allows you to see the complete picture and achieve signoff-level verification through your analysis.
Cadence Sigrity solution—SI and PI solutions for system-level verification and interface compliance. Signoff with confidence.
Breakthrough Cadence® solutions, based on patented and proprietary Sigrity™ technologies, can help you overcome these challenges.
Cadence customers continue to be challenged with increasing data transmission rates and smaller chip, package, and PCB geometries. To address these concerns, Cadence acquired and integrated industry-leading power and signal integrity technology from Sigrity. The result is an enhanced front-to-back constraint-driven implementation and analysis solution that begins with an early “what if” investigation and flows through final signoff.
The Cadence Sigrity solutions target complete power-delivery system analyses across chips, packages, and boards; system-level SI analysis, including simultaneous switching noise (SSN) analysis of high-speed signal transmissions; and, advanced physical design for single- and multi-chip packages, state-of-the-art 3D packages, and systems in packages (SiP).

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