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Creating a Project Archive
Cadence OrCAD Capture allows you to create an archive of your project and all related files.  

Making Backups Automatically
While working on a design, you may want to revert back to a previous state, or if you close the design without saving, Cadence OrCAD Capture provides an Autobackup feature.  

Using the component Information System
A Component Information System (CIS) is integrated with Cadence OrCAD Capture enabling querying of corporate / online databases to populate designs with part numbers, footprint information, datasheets, and other data needed for production.  

Part Placement from CIS database and standard Library
When placing a part on a schematic page, two methods can be used to search for and locate preferred parts; from a library with the place part dialog or from a corporate/online database with the CIS Explorer.

Complex Hierchical Designs
Hierarchical blocks provide a better means of signal routing between circuits on large, complex schematic designs.

Specifying Reference Range using Controlled Annotation
Use the controlled automation feature to control the way part references are assigned in a design or a schematic page.

Design Locks
In multi-user environments, where designs are shared, it is important to ensure that users do not overwrite changes being made by other users.

Creating Differential Pair
Differential pair can be created interactively or automatically.

Setting up Design Rule Checks
The Design Rules Check tool in OrCAD Capture scans schematic folders to verify that a design conforms to defined design rules.

Using Gridless Text Edit
Grids in OrCAD Capture can be specified differently for connectivity and drawing elements.

Using Internet Component Assistant
The CIS Internet Component Assistant (ICA) provides access to new components and component information over the internet.  

Linking a Database Part
If a schematic contains a library part and the properties of that part need to be extract from the CIS database, this functionality can link the library part to the database part.

Adding non-electrical parts to CIS BOM Report
BOM reports can be created that include both the electrical and non-electrical (mechanical) parts required for manufacturing.

Selecting objects in a Schematic
The Selection Filter provides control of the selection of objects in a schematic page during block selection operations.
Creating a New Part from a Part Datasheet
OrCAD Capture allows for the creation of gated and non-gates parts by copying information from a part datasheet.
Synchronizing a Hierarchical Design
When using hierarchical block in a design, a synchronize capability ensures that the schematics and the blocks are in sync with regards to the pins and ports.

Design Variants Flow
The design variants flow provides capabilities for producing different assembly configurations based on a basic or core design.

Creating Variants of Part in a Group/Sub-group
To create a design variant within the variant design flow, parts are added to a group/subgroup.

Viewing Variant Parts
Design variations are displayed directly on the schematic page, with variant parts appearing in different colors.

Creating Variant Reports
With design variant information stored within a single project, variant schematic pages and bill of materials (BOMs) can be printed without having to maintain separate designs.

Creating a Split Part
For parts with a large numbers of pins, split-part creation allows each piece to be placed on different schematic pages.

Creating a Verilog Netlist
OrCAD Capture supports a large number of standard netlist formats including Verilog netlists.

To access the above movies, click here.

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