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Using Capture and Allegro Succesfully
During this lab-intensive workshop, you`ll learn how to:
» Learn the benefits of the new OrCAD Capture integration to Allegro PCB Editor and the design methodology to be used.
» Overview of Allegro PCB properties definition and preparation within OrCAD Capture and how they can improve the placement and routing control within Allegro PCB Editor.
» Learn how to drive Allegro Constraint Manager from OrCAD Capture to support high-speed designs
» Learn how to define your OrCAD Capture symbols libraries to control and automate the swapping of pins, gates and components within Allegro PCB and how to run the back annotation process
» Learn how to run compare net lists between OrCAD Capture to Allegro PCB Editor to validate differences during an ECO process.
» Learn how to setup and use the cross-probe capabilities between OrCAD Capture and Allegro PCB/SI during placement and routing.
» Quick Allegro PCB overview of placements procedures and manual routing.Placement in Allegro
» Backannotate your Allegro PCB design to/in OrCAD Capture and how to validate the results.
» Learn how to use complex design within OrCAD Capture and how to implement reuse blocks design methodology Vs Allegro
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 Who should attend:

» Hardware Engineers designing in OrCAD
» PCB Layout Editors designing in Allegro.
» Hardware Engineers who would like to see the benefits of using OrCAD Capture and Allegro.

Subject Details
Capture to Allegro flow Practices Capture to Allegro flow within all appropriate files and connections
Preparing a Capture Design Practices Assignment of net and component properties and Configuration (Setup) file
Swapping Practices “right way” OrCAD symbols creation and appropriate property assignment for pins, gates and component swapping in Allegro
Cross Probing
Practices interactive tools connection for components an net browsing
Allegro PCB Editor Placement Practices components placement in Allegro using quick, interactive and manual
Schematics Backannotation Practices backannotation Allegro changes (reference designators renaming, swapping, property changing) into OrCAD
Best Practices Practices topics for working on OrCAD/Capture to Allegro PCB Editor environment
Closing session Q&A

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