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Free web-based, component library

ActiveParts is an online electronic component information system available for OrCAD® users. ActiveParts contains more than 2 million parts, most of which include OrCAD Capture symbols. In addition to searching a local database for parts, users can now choose to search online with ActiveParts. ActiveParts is fully integrated with OrCAD Capture CIS, allowing users to search for and select parts from within CIS. Placing a part from ActiveParts page into an OrCAD Capture schematic is as easy as a click of the mouse.

ActiveParts contains parts, with detailed descriptions, from over 4000 vendors. Many of these parts have OrCAD Layout footprint information mapped to their symbol as well as a link to manufacturer datasheets. For any part, the OrCAD Capture symbol can be previewed before placing the part in a CIS schematic.

ActiveParts allows the user to download the symbol, save a copy of it in a local OrCAD Capture library, and add the part information to a local OrCAD Capture parts database.

ActiveParts Highlights:
» Over 2 million parts in the ActiveParts CIS database
» 1.2 million parts with OrCAD Capture symbols
» Parametric data
» 25% of parts have mapped OrCAD Layout footprints
» Manufacturer Names, Part Numbers, and URLs
» New parts added on a continual basis

Gaining Free Access to ActiveParts

ActiveParts is FREE for users on the most current release of OrCAD Capture CIS on an active maintenance contract. ActiveParts is a built into OrCAD Capture CIS and does not require additional software installation.

For more information about activeparts contact EDAis at
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