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Elgris Technologies, Inc. (Elgris) is the World’s leader in EDA (Electronic Design Automation) data interchange.
For the designer, Elgris brings high quality translators that simplify the task of integrating, migrating and archiving design data from various EDA platforms (Cadence, Mentor, PADS, Protel/P-CAD, etc.). For added convenience, Elgris brings visualization software that makes it very easy to access, view and mark-up design data.

Elgris makes engineering data readily available to anyone having a need to view schematics regardless of their location in the enterprise or the EDA platform they are using. Elgris is eager to offer not only excellent technical products, but also the most comprehensive support for its products.

Elgris has a suite of tools using XML technology. These XML-based tools make it easy to share EDA data over the web.

If you prefer to make your own XML or EDIF tools, we are ready to offer you expert assistance: EdaXML specification, EdaXML toolkit including a comprehensive EDA-oriented API, EDIF toolkits, free viewer for EdaXML, etc.

Our viewer (a subset of E-studio Pro) is available for download and is a viewer for the following formats: EdaXML, EDIF200, EDIF300, EDIF400, Orcad Capture Databases, Viewdraw Databases, ConceptHDL Databases, PADS ASCII Databases, DesignArchitect Databases, etc.

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