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During this 2-day course you will learn how to use SPECCTRA for OrCAD and interactive wire editing tools.

Understand the concepts and strategy of SPECCTRA for OrCAD
» Create do (command) files to define and/or modify design rules and control the autorouting process
» Perform batch mode routing to test various strategies
» Learn how the autorouter communicates with you
» Analyze routing progress and predict success or failure as early as possible
» Explore the user interface and become familiar with the interactive routing techniques
» Control the autorouter by only routing specific nets and/or parts
» Restrict routing to specific areas of the board, and learn how to keep signals away from other areas
» Understand the fanout router and fanout a design
» Determine strategies for routing difficult designs
» Clean up autorouted connections, diagonalize corners, reduce via counts, and increase manufacturability
Who Should Attend?
This course is intended for new users who need a basic understanding of SPECCTRA for OrCAD.

You should have a working knowledge of PCB design and a basic understanding of PCB manufacturing processes. You must also be proficient with using Windows and standard Windows applications.

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Day 1
· SPECCTRA for OrCAD user interface
· Basic commands and controls
· Analysis of routing results

Day 2
· Interactive routing
· Fanout router
· Strategies for difficult designs
· Manufacturing preparation 


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