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Analog Simulation with PSpice

This course will cover the following topics in 3 days:

Learn how to enter a design for simulation
» Run DC bias, DC sweep, and AC sweep analysis
» Edit stimulus and run parametric analysis
» Learn how to edit models, run Monte Carlo analysis, create subcircuits and create parts for simulation from a model or subcircuit definition
» Learn how to create linear and non-linear transformers, perform temperature, worst case and noise analysis
» Learn about analog behavioral modeling, as well as running digital and mixed analog and digital simulation

Who Should Attend?
» Engineers seeking maximum productivity in minimum time
» Engineers new to analog and mixed-signal simulation

You must be familiar with creating a schematic using OrCAD Capture or Allegro Design Entry HDL. You must also be proficient with using Windows and standard Windows applications.

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Day 1
· Building a design for simulation
· Setting up and running DC bias point analysis
· Setting up and running DC and AC sweep analysis
· Viewing simulation results in the probe window
· Setting up sources and using markers
· Creating and simulating a text netlist
· Accessing the stimulus editor using VSTIM, ISTIM, and DIGSTIM
· Running transient analysis
· Working with local and global libraries

Day 2
· Examining common simulation errors
· Creating linear and non-linear transformers
· Setting up and running parametric analysis
· Creating a subcircuit
· Creating parts for simulation models
· Performing temperature analysis
· Configuring and running Monte Carlo analysis
· Simulating with hierarchical blocks and symbols

Day 3
· Simulating using analog behavioral modeling
· Using digital components in a design
· Combining analog and digital components in designs
· Using performance analysis and creating goal functions
· Setting up and running worst case analysis
· Setting up and running noise analysis 
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