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OrCAD Capture CIS Topics

This course will cover the following topics in 1 day:

Learn to use a CIS database, add parts to the schematic, and modify part properties
»Check the status of database parts, place parts in a schematic, and link them to the database
» Creating design variants for different product assemblies or functions 
» Creating a CIS BOM and a BOM for variants
» How to access ActiveParts; locate, download, and place parts on schematic page

Who Should Attend?
This is an introductory level class intended for new Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS users. It is also recommended for experienced OrCAD Capture users who are upgrading from the basic OrCAD Capture version to the OrCAD Capture CIS version. NOTE: this class specifically addresses CIS topics and does not address the schematic capture topics covered in the two-day OrCAD Capture Basics class.

This course is intended as an addition to the OrCAD Capture Basics course. The student should be familiar with a PC and the Windows operating system. Previous experience with other schematic entry tools and board level components is also helpful.

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Day 1
· Using a CIS Database
· Check Status of Database Parts
· Creating Design Variants
· Creating a CIS Bill-of-Materials
· Using ActiveParts with Capture CIS
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