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Virtuoso Layout Suite
Rapid layout migration

Virtuoso Layout Suite automates block authoring to speed silicon-accurate custom designs to market
As the high-end custom block authoring physical layout tool of the Cadence® Virtuoso® platform, Cadence Virtuoso Layout Suite supports custom digital, mixed-signal and analog designs at the device, cell, and block levels. Its advanced features include automation to accelerate custom block authoring, as well as industry-leading Cadence space-based routing technology that automatically enforces 65/45nm process and design rules during interactive and automatic routing. Working in concert with other components of the Virtuoso platform, Virtuoso Layout Suite enables the creation of differentiated custom silicon that is both fast and silicon-accurate.
  • Speeds physical layout of custom digital, mixed-signal and analog designs at the device, cell, and block levels
  • Supports both constraint- and schematic-driven physical implementation
  • Native Cadence Space-Based Routing technology delivers symmetric and differential routing in a single, common cockpit
  • Express Pcell capability boosts performance by 10X whenever users bring up schematics or layout, or perform any activity that previously would have required p-cell evaluation
  • Provides constraint-driven enforcement of advanced node process and design rules
Virtuoso Layout Suite L
Virtuoso Layout Suite XL
Virtuoso Layout Suite GXL

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