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Allegro system interconnect design platform

The Cadence Allegro IC-Package-PCB co-design platform optimizes the system interconnect, reduces costs, and accelerates time to market by enabling a constraint-driven, collaborative design across all three system domains.

The system interconnect is the logical, physical, and electrical connection of a signal, its associated return path, and the power delivery system. Design teams face unprecedented challenges in designing the system interconnect of today`s complex designs. With the growing integration of ICs, chip I/Os and package pin counts are rapidly increasing. Gigahertz-speed data rates also translate into blisteringly fast PCBs and systems. At the same time, the average PCB size is decreasing and power delivery requirements are heating up as chip transistor counts skyrocket.

The need to solve these complex problems and deal with increasing time-to-market pressures makes the traditional approach—designing systems components in isolation—obsolete. Achieving working system interconnect in complex systems requires a new approach, one that allows design teams to focus on achieving efficiencies in the system interconnect spanning all three system domains.

Using the platform`s co-design methodology, engineers can quickly optimize the system interconnect—between I/O buffers and across ICs, packages, and PCBs—eliminating hardware re-spins and reducing both hardware costs and design cycles. The constraint-driven Allegro flow includes advanced capabilities for design capture, signal integrity, and physical PCB design.

From designs for high-speed, high-performance products to commodity markets, Cadence provides easy integration with existing technology, allowing you to incrementally enhance your existing design flow with updates and best-of-breed technology to support all market sectors. And because it is supported by the Cadence Encounter and Virtuoso platforms, the Allegro co-design methodology enables effective design chain collaboration.

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