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Industry-proven OrCAD solutions are available as standalone products or in comprehensive suites. Unlike other PCB design tools, OrCAD PCB design suites provide a feature-rich, fully scalable solution that can be expanded and upgraded as PCB challenges and the level of design sophistication grows.

The production proven, scalable, and robust PCB solution with broad ecosystem support

To successfully meet project goals, PCB designers and electrical engineers need powerful, intuitive, and integrated technologies that work seamlessly across the entire PCB design flow. Cadence® OrCAD® PCB design solutions offer fully integrated front-end design, analog/mixed signal simulation, signal integrity analysis, and place-and-route technologies that boost productivity and shorten time to market.

Production Proven
Cadence mainstream PCB design technologies combine production-proven OrCAD and Allegro technologies into comprehensive front-to-back solutions. Utilized in every market segment and production environments at leading high-tech companies, Cadence mainstream PCB design technologies are proven to help meet aggressive schedules and technology goals in today’s challenging design environments.
Cadence is the leader in scalable PCB design technology with comprehensive front-to-back solutions that grow with your future design needs. We provide a feature-rich, expandable environment which may be upgraded as the level of design sophistication grows and new capabilities are needed. By sharing technology across the OrCAD and Allegro product lines, upgrading is done without the need to translate databases or libraries, learn new applications, or change use models lowering the total cost of tool ownership and risk.

Depth & Robustness
A core priority for Cadence is the continued enhancement of our mainstream PCB design products to ensure the depth of functionality to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Built with highly configurable and robust functionality and technology designed to address higher-end challenges ensure mainstream features provide greater capability and flexibility for all type of designs.

Partnerships / Ecosystem
Cadence understands the complex PCB design challenges faced in today`s competi­tive market and the need for tailored solutions and support. Through our worldwide network of channel partners, we’re able to better serve a broader customer base with superior sales, support, and service. They reflect the Cadence commitment to and investment in powerful, easy-to-use PCB design technology.

Collaborations with 3rd party / OEMs extend the OrCAD and Allegro PCB design solutions providing complementary and custom design capability. The combined capabilities offer the full advantage of the strengths and synergies of Cadence and 3rd party technologies for the best possible solution and value to customers.

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