About Us
About Us

EDA Integrity Solutions Ltd. (EDAis) is a leading Electronic Design Automation distributor and Solutions provider of tools, training, and services to the Israeli market.
EDAis mission is to deliver first-time-success for today’s high-end electronic hardware systems.
To achieve this mission EDAis engages in partnerships with world leader companies like Cadence Design Systems for IC-Package-PCB design, Dassault Systems for Enovia Synchronicity IC Data Management, Viasystems Corporation for PCB/EMS manufacturing, and with others complimentary suppliers.
EDAis serves over 600 companies from all sectors: Military, Semiconductors, Communication, Consumer, Medical, Education, Automotive, and Others.
EDA Integrity Solutions Ltd. founded in 2002 and located in Tel Aviv.

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EDA Integrity Solutions Ltd. Address: 3 Hanechoshet St. Tel Aviv 6971068 Israel Tel: (972) 3 6444416 Fax: (972) 3 6444462
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