OrCAD PCB Design Starter
During this lab-intensive workshop, you`ll learn how to:
» Learn the Allegro display environment and how to setup and control for maximum use.
» Use the footprints generators to quickly build and explore new PCB geometries and alternatives.

Learn how in minutes you can create a simple board outline or quickly import a given DXF or IDF files formats from any mechanical design systems


Component placement in Allegro and how to use the different placement options including Quickplace.

» Swap pins gates or components during placement or routing.

Learn how to Route critical nets and experience with different routing setups


Runs the Backannotate process back to OrCAD Capture to automatically update your schematic with the changes

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Who should attend:

» Hardware Engineers and Managers who would like to learn the benefit s of using Allegro
» PCB Technology engineers.
» PCB Layout Designers

Setup and Interface

Meeting Basic UI Allegro functionality; Schematic-Driven Layout; Setup Drawing and User preferences; Layers Stack-up; Design Rules (spacing and physical)

Allegro Library

Practices Pads and Footprints Creation, Export footprints from existing Allegro board design


Practices import of Mechanical data (DXF, IDF) or create simple board outline, Logic Netlist from OrCAD Capture schematic drawing

Swapping Pins swapping, functions or components swapping
Allegro PCB Editor Placement

Practices components manual placement in Allegro using quickplace, interactive, cross-probing to schematics, by property placement


Practices Interactive/manual, Automatic special nets and busses, layers and areas


Practices Logic netlist (Back-annotation files), Mechanical Reports, Design Compare (between schematic and board)

Closing Session Q&A

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