CIS Introduction to OrCAD Users
 During this lab-intensive workshop, you`ll learn:
» Capture CIS capabilities and benefits to OrCAD Capture users
» Capture CIS interaction with components library database and how to find and place database part
» Management of the component information database system and how to check components part status within a design
» Learn how to create a new database part
» Bill of Materials creation and management using CIS
» How to manage and create Variants of a Capture design
» Learn how to use variant view mode to view the actual variant schematics
» How to setup Capture.ini file and DBC configuration file to link to database systems like Access, Oracle, and SQL

Who should attend:

» Hardware Engineers and Managers who would like to learn the benefits of using CIS
» PCB Librarians responsible for the creation of library parts
» CAD Managers who would like to understand the saving in using the PCB Librarian platform
Related Info

Subject Details
Introduction Understanding the CIS advantages
Placing a database part Navigate CIS DB and place part on schematic
The CIS part manager Getting acquainted with the part manager and his capabilities (checking status and linking DB part) and create a new database part
Creating BOM Learning and editing BOM report
Creating design variant Practice creating design variant, BOM variant report and variant view mode
Learning Capture.ini Getting acquainted with Capture.ini file and using him to link to symbol database and footprint database.

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