Cadence 3D Design Viewer
Solid model IC package viewing and wirebond DRC

Cadence 3D Design Viewer allows IC package engineers to interact with an accurate 3D model of the physical design and conduct comprehensive wirebond design rule checking.
Cadence® 3D Design Viewer provides a realistic visualization of how the design will look when fabricated. Engineers can pan and zoom in on the image from any angle to explore the design in detail. For design reviews, engineers can take a snapshot of the screen and use the built-in annotation tools to add shapes, arrows, and text. 3D Design Viewer also provides interactive 3D wirebond design rule checking.
  • Displays 3D solid model interactive visualization of designs
  • Enables markups of snapshots for design reviews
  • Provides 3D wirebond DRC using XML-based rule decks
  • Allows users to define, modify, and assign new wirebond profiles
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