Allegro Sigrity PowerSI
Frequency Domain Power & Signal Integrity Full Wave 3D Analysis and S-parameters Extractions with Allegro Sigrity PowerSI
Today`s electrical engineers face difficult challenges due to increasing design density, miniaturization, complexity, and lower supply voltages. Further complicating these issues is the universal desire for lower cost. Power delivery can easily fail if planes are too thin, widths too small, or insufficient decoupling capacitors.
Sigrity PowerSI technology provides fast and accurate full-wave electrical analysis of IC packages and PCBs to overcome increasingly challenging and interrelated power, signal, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues. Using PowerSI, you can readily perform a broad range of studies to identify trace and via coupling issues, power/ground fluctuations caused by simultaneously switching outputs, and design regions that are under or over voltage targets.
This workshop uses real PCB and package examples and typical design exercises to cover basic operations, advanced skills, and methodologies behind Cadence Sigrity PowerSI software.
During this lab-intensive workshop, you’ll learn how to:

» Establish power delivery system (PDS) and signal integrity guidelines
» Perform SSO/SSN worst case analysis and identify improvement options
» Fully assess decoupling capacitor strategies and verify placement effects
» Evaluate electromagnetic coupling between geometries (planes, traces, vias,     and decap placement)
» Extract frequency-dependent impedances or S-parameters directly from PCB and Package for subsequent time domain SSN simulation with full wave 3D EM solver
» Anticipate energy leaks with near and far-field radiation display to reduce downstream EMI/EMC challenges
» Performs what-if studies on potential design scenarios and stack-up options
» Run design checking for trace coupling, single and differential impedance
» Create broadband SPICE models for packages and PCBs with Sigrity’s Broadband SPICE option
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Who should attend:

» Signal integrity specialists
» Design engineers
» Engineering managers
» Project managers




Impedance Of Power Delivery System: Power-aware PCB model extraction, Input impedance and S-parameters

Spatial analysis of cavity resonances and Decoupling capacitor modeling (PDN with and without decap caps)

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