Advanced Technology

As a leader in advanced technology, TTM is committed to achieving the best results for our diverse customer base. Our experienced engineering and manufacturing teams use cutting-edge technologies and processes to create solutions that address your unique challenges. As a result, your products are more reliable, and arrive to market faster.
Technology Matrix – Process and Capabilities
Layer count 2 - 40 layers
High aspect ratio plating
HDI Solutions
Laser micro via, epoxy filled via-in-pad, copper fill micro via, blind and buried via structures
Extensive Material Offering
Standard epoxy, to high-speed low loss laminates and RF/Microwave applications
Mixed material constructions
RoHS Compliant Solutions
Materials and surface finishes to meet RoHs and lead-free assembly needs
RF/Microwave Applications
Our expertise in RF/Microwave applications incorporate a variety of materials and manufacturing techniques specifically designed for this industry.
Thermal Management Solutions
TTM thermal management solutions include our patent pending embedded E-Coin technology along with heat sink pallet and coin attachment capabilities.
Buried Capacitance
High-speed designs benefit from the use of distributed capacitance and advanced thin film capacitive materials, ZBC 2000, Oak Mitsui FaradFlex & Dupont Interra. TTM is A ZBC licensed fabricator.
Complex Backplanes
Our facilities in the US and Hong Kong have the ability to manufacture large backplanes using advanced material sets.
The manufacturing process used to remove the stubs of plated through holes and vias to reduce the signal integrity impact imparted on high speed designs. TTM incorporates this beneficial process on both backplanes and blade cards.
All facilities are ISO 9001 certified
IPC-6012 Class 2 & 3
MIL-PFR-55110F certified, San Jose, CA
ITAR Registration Code M18799; Forest Grove and San Jose
QS-9000, TS16949 & TL-9000-HW certification, TTM Asia

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