Volume Production
TTM offers volume manufacturing for the entire range of printed circuit board technology. From double-sided boards used in automotive and industrial controls to high layer count circuit boards used in Internet infrastructure and mainframe systems.
Global Manufacturing
With factories in North America and Asia, TTM produces your products in the appropriate facility based on technology and volume. The size and scale of our manufacturing facilities allow us to meet the demands of large-scale commercial production. The capabilities in all of our facilities blend to provide complete lifecycle support.
The TTM Oregon facility manufactures volume products at the highest levels of technology while our multilayer plants in Asia supply high-volume products across a broader range of technology—from 2 layers up to 22 layers, as well as backplanes up to 32 layers.
Industries Served
TTM serves a diversified customer base in Communications, High-end Computing & Storage, Automotive, Test & Measurement/Instrumentation, Military/Aerospace, Medical, Computer Peripherals, and Consumer products.


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