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Allegro Design Workbench
Collaborative library and data management

Allegro Design Workbench combines library management, design data management, design process control, and design tool integration in a collaborative work environment.
Valuable in workgroup environments, Cadence® Allegro® Design Workbench significantly improves productivity while reducing costly mistakes that are often introduced due to a lack of an unified environment. Common access to component information and preferred parts libraries speeds component selection and eliminates design errors due to flawed, obsolete, or non-preferred parts. Allegro Design Workbench provides a uniform user interface that enables development of a company- defined design methodology. This ensures that all project members follow the same process, and it reduces training and support costs.

Incorporating design data management allows designers and design teams to work in parallel-with significant savings in the schedule-thanks to data vaulting and version control. Non-CAD users benefit from access to current design documents and view-and-mark-up technology that enable them to return comments directly to the design owners.

  • Provides common library and design data interface for all members of the design team
  • Expands access and visibility into component information, design data, and tools
  • Simplifies part selection with parametric component browsing
  • Eliminates redundant component entry and input errors
  • Reduces the number of engineering changes orders (ECOs) from divergent or out-of-date libraries
  • Notifies engineers automatically of changes to standard parts in active/archived designs
  • Controls parts lists for volume purchasing and regulatory compliance
  • Maintains history of design changes to simplify ECO resolution
  • Provides review notification and mark-up access to non-CAD users
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