Allegro Design Entry CIS
Optimized reuse of component design
Allegro Design Entry CIS leads the market in schematic design capture with extensive simulation and board layout technology for rapid creation, management, and reuse of designs.
The embedded library management in Cadence® Allegro® Design Entry CIS enables teams to share and reuse centralized parts information, reducing the effort spent researching and manually entering parts and block design data. Removing the need for multiple users to enter parts not only eliminates redundancy, but it also reduces divergence and errors in the design. Centralized component information management saves time and improves the quality of the resulting design with known and preferred parts. Design Entry CIS also integrates FPGAs and PLDs into the design automatically, saving time and trouble.

  • Provides fast, intuitive schematic entry and editing
  • Streamlines input with a parts library and hierarchical block reuse
  • Links to PLM using CIS
  • Accesses ActiveParts online component library of two million parts
  • Integrates FPGAs and PLDs automatically
  • Enables global part substitutions and ECO tracking
  • Integrates with all ODBC data management systems
  • Communicates high-speed net constraints to Allegro PCB Editor
  • Includes spreadsheet property editor to simplify complex changes
  • Generates reports and BOMs automatically
  • Includes variant editor, archiver, and part generator
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