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OrCAD Panel Editor
What is OrCAD Panel Editor?

OrCAD® Panel Editor is a PCB assembly (“array”) panel design tool that intelligently automates the panel definition and documentation process to produce simple or complex PCB assembly panels in a fraction of the time versus traditional manual methods. Developed with a highly intuitive style and use-model, OrCAD Panel Editor enables you to quickly design your panel and create the manufacturing drawings that drive fabrication and assembly.
Electronics manufacturers often panelize single-board designs into arrays or sub-panels to facilitate their PCB assembly process. PCB CAD tools are very good at designing the single board design or “one-up” PCB, but lack the necessary functionality to design the varied complexities and details that are required for panels. Beyond simply stepping and repeating a design, PCB panel design requires adding panel and manufacturing features such as pinning holes, milling, score lines, and breakaway tabs—which can be difficult and time consuming or simply unavailable in today’s CAD tools.

  • Intuitive use-model and intelligent automation methods increase productivity and ease of creation for PCB panel design, saving hours or even days defining a PCB panel and creating documentation
  • Eliminates manual drawing of tedious document elements by automatically creating arrays, PCB views, details, and tables directly from the OrCAD PCB CAD data
  • Links to PCB source data dramatically reduce or eliminate the amount of time associated with panel engineering change order (ECO) updates due to PCB database changes
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