OrCAD Documentation Editor
What is OrCAD Documentation Editor?

OrCAD® Documentation Editor is a PCB documentation-authoring tool that intelligently automates your documentation creation process to produce complex PCB documentation in a fraction of the time versus traditional methods. Developed in the style and use-model of Windows desktop applications, OrCAD Documentation Editor enables you to quickly create the manufacturing drawings that drive PCB fabrication and assembly.
OrCAD Documentation Editor “knows” it is creating PCB documentation. Utilizing the OrCAD PCB CAD data, it creates intelligent linked PCB views, drawing details, document notes, drill charts, parts lists, and other crucial documentation details. The result is documentation that more accurately articu?lates instructions for the successful fabrication, assembly, and inspection of PCBs. The completed Documentation Editor release package contains all the data necessary to build, view, and archive the final product

  • Intuitive Windows desktop application-style use-models and methods increase productivity and ease of creation for PCB documentation
  • Tight integration with OrCAD PCB Editor enables simple click-through passing of design data to expedite the drawing creation process
  • Intelligent automation saves hours, if not days, creating PCB drawings for fabrication, assembly, and inspection
  • Eliminates manual drawing of tedious document elements by automatically creating component assembly views, drill pattern view, details, and parts lists derived from the OrCAD PCB CAD data
  • Design changes made in OrCAD PCB Editor are automatically propagated to all effected drawing elements, dramatically reducing time spent updating documentation due to the design change
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